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This third anthology of Maltese writing from Praspar Press showcases new fiction, poetry and literary nonfiction by a selection of emerging and established Maltese writers from across the world.

Snack-size morsels of writing are shared in two halves, Salty/Mielaħ and Sweet/Ħelu, with a bonus sweet ‘n’ salty treat in the middle. At turns deliciously dark and beguiling, these pieces explore our sense of self and the roles placed upon us, helping us uncover the mysteries of life in biting and moreish ways.

Scintillas 3 showcases sharp and diverse poetry and prose, both wry and sensitive, on everything from UK Home Office science fiction to cooking bell peppers.’
—Khairani Barokka

With Mario Aquilina, Simon Bajada, Jacques Borg Barthet, Jake Buttigieg, Miriam Calleja, Daniel Cossai, Noah Fabri, Ambrose Galea, Miriam Gatt, Romeo Roxman Gatt, Jamie Iain Genovese, Davinia Hamilton, Dean Muscat, Chris Sammut, Matthew Schembri, Sara Sheldrake.

Edited by Jen Calleja and Kat Storace, with an Introduction by Clare Azzopardi.

Published 21 October 2023
Paperback, 132 pages
ISBN: 9781739994846